Photo Tips

A Few Words on Taking Photographs—by Patti Ambrogi

Making photographs on the Bay is like many of the things we do at the cottage. We can fish for the simple pleasure of sitting on the dock and watching the bobber float on the water or we can make a rigorous study of fishing, its techniques and its gear. Celese has asked me to offer a few words about taking photographs. Below are a few practices that any photographer or fisherperson might follow:

Take pictures of people and places and events that you feel passionate about. Concentrate on taking thoughtful and compelling images. Then be crazy and spontaneous at times.   

Photography means writing with light. Carefully watch the world even when you are not photographing. Study the light through the day, and through the seasons.

Use a simple camera at first that will automatically control your aperture and shutter and later advance to more complex systems for image capture.   

Don’t be satisfied with the first picture. Take many, many pictures of scene. Your vision will grow more sophisticated as you study your subject matter by photographing it. Your stories will get better. Then edit your images carefully, choosing the most successful pictures and deleting the others. This part is challenging, but it is a vital skill to develop. Share and discuss your images with people who take pictures. Your voice will evolve.

Technical Skills are important. Study the elements of picture making: composition and design, framing, perspective, light, color, exposure, and selective focus. Make them work for the way you see the world. There is a great deal of material about this online.

You might learn to make simple color and tonal corrections to your images.  Look at pictures in magazines and books. View fine photographs in galleries and museums. Collect pictures that you like. Be inspired.


             Practice and practice and practice…..and enjoy.

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