Photo Contest Rules


Awards:     A panel of Judges will select First, Second and Third Place winners in each age category.

Eligibility:  To enter, one must be a member of a family with a current membership in the South Channel   Association.  Immediate family members of those on the judging panel are not permitted to enter the photo contest.  Photos must be taken between:  September 2, 2016 to September 1, 2017.

Entry Categories:

Theme 1: Adventures on the South Channel

Enter into Youth to age 18 or Adults over age 19.                                                                            

The photograph subject matter includes images of celebrations and activities of all kinds, family and friends, pets and animals, visions of land, trees, rocks, sky and water, as well as reflective moments, all occurring within the boundaries of the South Channel— Amanda Island to Rose Point Swing Bridge.

Theme 2:  Adventures on the Archipelago.

Enter into one category for all ages.

The photograph subject matter occurs in the Archipelago.

Entry Guidelines

You must have the consent of people who are in the photograph.

One entry per individual.

Simple colour and tonal corrections may be made to the file.  Advanced compositional editing of files is not allowed.

Give the photograph a short title.

Submit a digital file, (i.e.jpeg), between 2 MB and 5 MB. Note that you can take a photo of any size and downsize it with various imaging software programs.  Or, simply take the photo with an iPhone or Android device.

A panel of Judges will review the entries, carefully selecting the winning images for each category based on originality, creativity, technical competence, uniqueness and portrayal of the theme.

By entering the contest, the winners agree to the use of their photographs by the SCA in its publications.  Credit will be given to the photographer.   The SCA will communicate only the first names of those photos taken by winning Children and Teens.

Winners will be notified by email by no later than September 30th of each year.  Winning entries will be published in the fall edition of On the Waterfront which will be mailed to members as well as available online at  No other emails will be sent.

Participants must abide by all guidelines and requirements to quality.

Must label photographs as follows:




Deadline: midnight on Labour Day

Submission Requirements:

Each entry must be submitted inside an individual email. In other words, if five individuals from the ‘Smith’ family each submit one entry, then they must be submitted in five separate emails.

Submissions will be accepted between Canada Day, July 1st and Labour Day at midnight.

Submissions are to be sent to

The South Channel Organization reserves the right to amend the contest rules as we learn from our first program in neighbourhood photo contests. 

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