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Growing a Sense of Community – by Patti Ambrogi   

As members of our community share their longer histories, memories and photographs in the recent editions of the South Channel Newsletter, On the Waterfront, our sense of community grows stronger.

In similar spirit, we are developing our annual South Channel Photo Contest to encourage adults and especially members of or younger generation to tell their stories and create their histories on the South Channel.

I believe that making pictures sharpens a person’s perceptions and confirms their way of living in the world, and that this is especially important for young people.

Last week, I heard the story of a young contestant who noticed a beautiful scene on a walk with her grandmother which they talked about along the way.  She asked to borrow her Nan’s iPad to record the scene.  She returned to photograph the scene and she won first place

We can support our younger children, our nieces and nephews and neighbours, and our teens as they explore and record their world.  Using some cottage time to discuss their ideas and helping them make selections and a few simple colour and tonal edits is all part of the vision of this project.  We can all help our kids tell their stories.

SCA Photo Contest Judge Patti Ambrogi is Professor Emerita School of Photographic Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology and cottages on McLaren Island.


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A Few Words on Taking Photographs - by Patti Ambrogi

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