Directors and Committees

SCA Executive Members

Matt Reiter, President,

Ian Fenton, Treasurer,

Linda Stckton Wigmore, Secretary,

Peter Adams, Environment,

Luc Voorn, Membership, Editor of On the Waterfront, 

Steve Sprague, Vice President and Webmaster,

We are currently looking for other members to join our executive team!

SCA Committees

Communications Committee - Steve Sprague, Peter Adams and Luc Voorn

Environment Committee - Peter Adams and Katherine Denune

Membership Committee - Luc Voorn and Ian Fenton

On the Waterfront - Luc Voorn and Ian Fenton

Photo Contest - Peter Adams, Peter Daleman, Eleanor Reed and Stephen Sprague

Social & Sales/Marketing Committee - We are looking for members to step forward!


Georgian Bay Association

John Carson, President,

Rupert Kindersley, Executive Director,

Claudette Young, SCA representative to GBA, Chair Aquaculture sub-Committee,

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