South Channel Executive & Committees

Executive Members

Matt Reiter, President. Member of Social & Merchandising Committee and Environment Committee,  Matt Reiter  

Lis Wigmore, Treasurer and member of Communications and Membership Committees, or

Celese Fletcher, Secretary and Chair of Communications Committee.Georgian Bay Association Representative as well as Chair of GBA's Membership Committee Celese Fletcher

Tracy Hodson, Chair of Membership Committee and member of the Communications Committee 

Matt Reiter, Vice President. Member of Social & Merchandising Committee and Environment Committee,  

Laura Whitmore, Chair of Social & Merchandising Committee, SCA's m member to the GBA's Membership committee

Steve Sprague, Vice President, Webmaster. Member of Communications Committee


Social & Merchandising Committee - Chair - Matt Reiter with Laura Whitmore

Membership Committee - Chair - Tracy Hodson with member Liz Wigmore

Communications Committee - Chair - Celese Fletcher with members Lis Wigmore, Tracy Hodson, Steve Sprague, Robin Argenta

Environmental Committee - Interim Chair - Claudette Young with member Matt Reiter and Katherine Denune

On the Waterfront editor, Robin Argenta, and member of the Communications Committee

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